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Promotional Videos

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Aquila Basketball - Championship opener 2017-2018
Rossmont - Waver
EVO - METILATA Parmigiana di melanzane
Aquila Basketball - We die hard
Aquila Basketball (TRUST) - spot
MITO - 3D composition of a Mattress
Posters Exhibition - spot
VESTA - animated logo
TORNADO 2 - tractor promotional video
La Pria wine - (promo video)
Chasing the Rainbow - (promo video for bike race)
Esse Music Store - (presentation of the store)
L'ospitalitá é arte - TV spot
EXSPOSI - TV format (opening theme)
Pao "Mondotondo" - (brief 3D animation for TV advert)
Via Roma store - (simple advert animated by photos)
Tractor Pulling - (brief 3D animation)