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Music Videoclips


There’s a little storyboard to be written (this is made by ourselves, based on an idea of yours or suggested by us), once it’s done you need to choose which locations will be used for the realization of the videoclip, the choice varies between our studios where a temporary set will be made, or external locations suggested by you or by us. Once the shooting of the scenes is done, you will have to wait the post-production, this will take a few days depending on how complex the video is, anyway we will tell you approximately how long it should take as soon as the storyboard is written. When we are finished we’ll send you the video via web and wait for your agreement, if there’s anything you don’t like and want to change we will modify the video as you like without asking any extra payment.


The price is based on how complex the video will be, complexity is mainly determined by how many “special effects” and animations you want in your video and how many locations we need to move to. The cheapest video will than be a band playing in a location without extra objects to be created and added to the scene, the most expensive will be a band playing in a 3D modeled city with explosions and missiles flying around or a video ambiented in several places with a complex storyboard. The cost of our work is calculated before starting up, and once set it will not incur in any unpredicted changes by the end of the job.